Roommate From Hell Caught Spitting and Putting Chemicals on Roomies' Food on Camera

Students at the University of South Carolina used a hidden camera to catch their roommate putting cleaning chemicals in and spitting on their food.

Cops say a woman is putting Windex on her roommates food in a disturbing hidden-camera video.

And that's not all; the video allegedly shows her spitting on their food too.

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"We asked Hayley to move out on multiple occasions and each time she refused," the roommates said in an exclusive statement to INSIDE EDITION.

When 22-year-old Hayley King was asked to move out, she refused, according to the police report.

The other two roommates bought an alarm clock with a hidden camera "because they were afraid of what King was doing while they were not home."

It looks like they were right to be concerned.

Cops say the video appears to show King taking a container out of the refrigerator and spitting in it. She jiggled it around a little and seemed to spit again. Then, she put the container back in the fridge.

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"The camera also recorded [King] taking a bottle of Windex and spraying food items inside of the refrigerator as well as pouring the Windex into the food containers,” the police report says.

One of the roommates actually ate some of the tainted food. King has been charged with malicious tampering with food.

The roommates told INSIDE EDITION they have compassion for King and hope she gets the help she needs.

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