New York's Van Gogh Lookalike Tries to Paint a Van Gogh

It's been over a century since the death of Vincent Van Gogh, a New York actor has become a viral sensation resembling the acclaimed painter.

Vincent van Gogh was one of history's greatest artists, which is why one guy is getting a lot of attention, a 125 years after the death of the legendary painter.

Robert Reynolds is a New York City actor with a startling resemblance to the artist immortalized in the movie Lust For Life, starring Kirk Douglas.

Reynolds told INSIDE EDITION, "I am fine with it. I think it is great!" 

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Subway riders were struck by Reynolds’ resemblance and started taking photos, which quickly went viral.

Everybody knows that van Gogh, who was not appreciated in his lifetime, cut off his ear.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian asked Reynolds, “Do you have both your ears?"

“It's amazing what they can do with prosthetics these days,” he replied.

“The Starry Night” is one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings and is worth an estimated $100 million!

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Fabian asked Reynolds, "Can you draw?"

He said, "I’m okay. I'll give you my best ‘Starry Night.’"

As Reynolds started crafting his picture, Fabian joked, “I'm not sure van Gogh used sharpies and white boards."

Reynolds then said, “He had to use what was available. If he were here today, who knows?"

So the new van Gogh isn't much like the old one or is he?

"I doubt I'll be appreciated in my lifetime,” said Reynolds.

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