Watch a 13-Year-Old Fight Off a Man Who Followed Her Home from School

A brave teen managed to scare off a man who followed her home from school and tried to assault her in her home.

It was a nightmare caught on video as a monster forced his way into a house and attacked the teenager returning home from school.

The terrified 13-year-old relived what happened for INSIDE EDITION as she fought off her attacker. Her family asked that her face not be shown.

"I tried to slam the door in his face but he forced his way inside and that's when we started fighting," the teen explained.

Surveillance cameras caught the predator following her home.

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As she reached her front door he told her he's lost, but the plucky little girl knows something's not right.

"He started asking me really inappropriate questions, after that I decided to run inside the house," she continued.

She fled inside. Before she could slam the door he forced his way in. In video footage, as they struggle she slapped him and scratched him across the face.

It's a life or death struggle. She started backing away,  he closed the door and moved toward her.  Suddenly, he spotted the surveillance cameras. That did it. He took off.

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The teenager texted her dad: "Daddy come home. Some guy tried to rape me."

"I was just doing my best at that point to try to get him off of me. I did slam my hand into his face so I kind of like crushed his nose," she told INSIDE EDITION.

The drama happened in San Jose, California. Now there is a national manhunt for this sicko.

It couldn't be more urgent. Just last month cops say the same man was caught on surveillance video after he tried to sexually assault a 28-year-old woman in a shopping mall.

He's about 30, medium height, thin build, with a beard.

Security expert Pat Brosnan said we could all learn from the actions of this courageous teen.

"Extraordinary, I commend her, extraordinary. He has her in the house, there's no one else home, he's bigger stronger, faster, stronger, but he was a chump. Once this little rambunctious type of girl smooshed this chump right in the face, he froze up," Brosnan told INSIDE EDITION.

Despite her harrowing experience, the brave teen was back at school as usual Friday.

According to local reports on Friday morning the suspect was caught in the east bay area of San Francisco and is now in custody.

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