Great White Shark Gets Extremely Close and Smiles for Camera

A 14 1/2 foot great white shark got up close and personal with a cameraman for the perfect snapshot.

A remarkable photo of a 14-and-a-half foot great white shark getting uncomfortably close to a cameraman made the rounds online and we can finally confirm that it’s actually part of everyone’s favorite week, Discovery’s Shark Week.

Dave Riggs is holding the camera in the photo in what appears to be a shark attack that’s about to happen but the cameraman says that the great white was actually just curious about the boat and crew in waters of South Australia.

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“Of course, great whites don’t have hands, so, she was researching the area in the only way she knows how and that’s with her mouth,” Riggs explained.

It’s amazing to see such a predator get up close and personal just for the perfect snapshot.

Riggs said, “The photograph is quite dramatic but it really highlights how awesome these apex predators are, particularly over here in Southern Western Australia."

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To see more incredible up close encounters, Shark Week starts July 5th on Discovery.

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