America's Oldest Nurse Celebrates Her 90th Birthday

The oldest nurse in America turned 90 years old and shows no signs of stopping!

Florence 'SeeSee' Rigney is the oldest working nurse in America and just celebrated her 90th birthday with a surprise from her Tacoma General Hospital co-workers.

When she walked down the hospital hallway, her co-workers gave her a tiara, sash, and a bouquet of flowers as the celebrated the milestone.

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The celebration was posted on YouTube and is inspiring everyone who watches it. 

SeeSee works two days a week now and has been a nurse for nearly 70 years. The governor even sent her a heartwarming message with birthday wishes.

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She was moved to tears by the surprise but still had a funny speech for everyone.

“I have lots to say other days but today, I can’t,” she said.

As she gave hugs to people in the crowd, she said, “You are all really wonderful people, I know I am a pain.”

Everyone began to laugh and admired her inspiration and continued hard work and how remarkable it is that she's still working at 90 years old.

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