47-Year-Old Twins Are Addicted to Being Identical

These 47-year-old twins go far beyond just dressing alike.

Sisters Amy and Becky Glass are 47 years old and completely addicted to being identical twins.

They dress alike, eat the same food, and even share the same bedroom. They even finish each other's sentences.

One of the twins told INSIDE EDITION, "I would say we're actually one person in two bodies."

The twins buy the same clothes usually with a variation in color. They accessorize with matching watches and identical jewelry.

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Amy and Becky have never had their own room and they don't want one. Of course they sleep in twin beds.

They told INSIDE EDITION, "We go to bed at the same exact time and wake up at the same exact time."

Eating in bar? They also insist on eating equal portions bite-for-bite so that they maintain the same weight.

During our shoot, Becky got upset when Amy didn't cut the food in equal parts.

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The twins even work side-by-side running their own marketing company.

But, being addicted to being identical comes at a price. Dating is their biggest challenge.

One of the twins said, "I meet a great guy and I'm like, 'Hey, got someone for my twin sister? She looks exactly like me!'"

These identical twins say they belong together forever.

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