Casey Anthony Comes Out of Hiding at Mother's Day Event

The so-called "most hated woman in America," Casey Anthony, has come out of hiding and you won't believe where she was found.

Casey Anthony, the woman found not guilty of killing her two-year-old child, drew stares when she was spotted out at a Mother's Day event in South Florida.

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Cindy Kirkpatrick and her friend, Jennifer Carter, ran into the so-called "most hated woman in America" at a 5K race, where Casey was volunteering and handing out hand sanitizer.

Carter posted a photo on Facebook of Anthony from the event, and the reaction was immediate, and in some cases, visceral.

"Get out of Palm Beach County murderer. U don't deserve to celebrate Mother's Day," wrote one person.

Another seethed, "Oh no. Why does she have to live in our town? Ugh."

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Sightings of Casey continued to pour in. On Monday, she was photographed out jogging near her new home.

Her ex-lawyer, Jose Baez, says she's trying to start fresh, but that it's virtually impossible for her to lead a normal life. "She's in a no-win situation," he said.

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