Dad Creates His Own Country So Daughter Can Be a Princess

Every father thinks their daughter is a princess, but one dad went to extremes to make it a reality!

This little girl is a princess! At least her father says so, and her dad is a king - his kingdom even has a flag.

This tale of do-it-yourself royalty began when seven-year-old Emily Heaton made a very special request of her father.

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She asked him, "'Will I ever be a real-life princess?' And he said 'yes.'"

To make his daughter's wish come true, Jeremiah Heaton knew what he had to do - create his very own country!

So, he left his home in Virginia in search of unclaimed land.

Seven thousand miles away, Jeremiah came upon one mountainous patch of desert between Egypt and Sudan. It was there that he planted his own flag, and proclaimed it the Kingdom of North Sudan!

That makes him King Jeremiah, and naturally his daughter is Princess Emily - or is she?

Jeremiah told INSIDE EDITION, "Of course, it is a monarchy. By virtue of making Emily a princess, we had to establish a monarchy."

Lawyers who specialize in international law are deflating his dream of royalty claiming you can't just grab land and make it a kingdom.

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But, Jeremiah insists it's his 800 square miles of forbidding, barren desert. That's half the size of Rhode Island!

Meanwhile, how does his beautiful daughter feel about being a princess?

She says, "I'm really happy and really excited and really proud."

Jeremiah says he intends to build a research center for sustainable agriculture in his new kingdom. He even has a fundraising page on Indie Go-Go.  

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