Watch These Police Officers Give Out Free Hugs While On Patrol

Two Delaware cops wanted create a positive story on police after recent negative headlines, so they offered free hugs to their community.

Police officers in Delaware tried to make their community a bit more positive when they held up signs that said “Free Hugs #HugACop.”

Newark Police Department's Corporal James Spadola and Officer Aaron Olicker decided to walk down Main Street offering hugs to pedestrians.

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The Delaware officers made the day brighter for many passing people by extending a hug and making them laugh and smile. Total strangers would come up and embrace the duo while they were on patrol.

Corporal Spadola came up with the idea after seeing so much negative news out there about police.

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He told DelawareOnline that, "Some people didn't want to hug us and that's fine but I’d say most people did choose to go into a hug."

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