Women Adopted as Babies Discover They're Sisters in College Class

Thanks to a college class, two women who were adopted as babies realized they were sisters.

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Lizzie Valverde and Katy Olson didn't know they were sisters until they found themselves in the same writing class at Columbia University in New York.

Katy told INSIDE EDITION, "We were going around the table and introducing ourselves. Lizzie mentioned a few biographical details that made me go, 'Whoa!' She mentioned that she owned a children's boutique and that the big one was that she was adopted and she was from Florida." 

Both had been given up for adoption at birth.

Lizzie said, "I had known that I had a biological sibling that was born a year after me, almost to the day." 

What are the odds that they'd end up in the same class so many years later?

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Katy said, "I go over to her and said, 'Hey, was your last name ever Delgado? I asked her these rapid fire questions and she said 'Wait, what is going on? Why? Why do you want to know my last name? Do you think that you know my sister?' I'm like 'I think I am your sister.'"  

Lizzie said, "Oh my God this is that person! It didn't click at first. I was like 'Is this real life?'" 

Valverde graduated on Monday, and Olson graduated last year. Their biological mom was there, proud as any mom could be.

She said, "I could get used to this." 

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