Cop Who Lost Starbucks Lawsuit: 'I Thought the Facts Would Speak for Themselves'

Police officer who lost suit against Starbucks after claiming hot coffee damages speaks out: "We thought the facts were going to speak for themselves."

INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney speaks with Raleigh, North Carolina, police officer Matthew Kohr, who lost a lawsuit against Starbucks after he said he sustained third-degree burns from a cup of coffee spilling in his lap three years ago. Kohr is speaking out for the first time since a North Carolina jury decided that Starbucks is not liable for damages.

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Kohr tells INSIDE EDITION that he was disappointed in the verdict. He states, “I just wanted everyone to understand where we were coming from. I thought the facts were going to speak for themselves. I thought we presented a good case and I felt good about it, and when the verdict came out, we were disappointed.”

In the lawsuit, Kohr claimed that Starbucks was liable for his damages because the cup of coffee collapsed onto his lap, and that it was no fault of his own. He states, “We teach our kids we have to do the right thing. We felt it was the right thing to make Starbucks accountable for what happened that day.”

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To the people who have criticized Kohr’s decision to sue Starbucks, Kohr tells INSIDE EDITION that he has this message: “People may not like the story either way, but if they’re going to judge us and have their opinion, I’d like them to at least have the facts as opposed to how it’s been spun through social media, how some people just assume things. And it’s taken a life upon its own and I wanted to straighten that out.”

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