David Letterman's Crew Packs up the Ed Sullivan Theater

It's a bittersweet day at the iconic Ed Sullivan Theater as David Letterman hosts his final "Late Show" on Wednesday, and his team prepares to leave.

A bittersweet scene outside The Ed Sullivan Theater as David Letterman's crew packs up and says goodbye.

The gear for Foo Fighters has rolled in as Letterman's favorite band will perform on his final show. 

This is the last day of Letterman's 22-year-run, and the people who worked for him are getting something truly special to remember him by.

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He gave his staff a custom made jacket that says "Thank You and Good Night" across the front, with an arm patch commemorating the years that Letterman presided over the Late Show on CBS.

As the clock ticked down for Letterman on Tuesday night, he joked about his final farewell, "Tomorrow is our final show, unless it rains, there'll be a rain delay."

Regis Philbin was a surprise guest on last night's show. He tried to schmooze his way into the final broadcast.

Letterman quipped, "Sorry, last show, booked solid."

But the guest list for the final broadcast remains the best-guarded secret in show biz! 

Another guest on his next-to-last show was longtime favorite Bill Murray, who burst out of a giant cake, pulled out a bottle of vodka and shared it with Letterman!

Then, Murray took to the street, urging people to join his cause to keep Letterman going! After, Murray fell out of his chair and slurred his words when making an appearance on MSNBC. 

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Meanwhile, glowing tributes for the gap-toothed funnyman continue to pour in.

There were stunning words from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel as he praised his idol, "Tomorrow night is Letterman's last show, and I’d like you to make sure and watch that instead of our show. Dave is the best and you should see him."

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