Columbia Student Carries Dorm Room Mattress on Stage at Graduation

A Columbia University student who claims she was raped by a fellow student hoisted her mattress on stage to bring attention to campus rapes.

It may have been the most bizarre graduation ever: an Ivy League student, assisted by three coeds, carried a dorm mattress up on stage at Columbia University.

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This was no senior prank - quite the opposite. The student, Emma Sulkowitz, has been carrying the mattress around campus for six months.

The coed claims she was raped by a student at the university. He says he's innocent. A disciplinary committee cleared him and he was never charged by police. In protest, Sulkowitz vowed to carry her mattress as a reminder to everyone what she says she endured.

"I will be carrying this dorm room mattress with me everywhere I go for as long as I attend the same school as my rapist," Sulkowitz said.

She fulfilled that promise when she carried the mattress onstage at graduation. The student she accused, Paul Nungesser, was also there.

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And he does have his supporters. They took to the streets, hanging signs all around the Manhattan campus, calling her a "pretty little liar."

One student said, "I really commend her for her bravery overall."

The students we spoke to at graduation were divided. "I think she stood for something that was really important, but I think she also took it a little bit too far," said another student.

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