Anorexic Actress Who Weighs 40 Pounds Raises $200K to Fight Her Eating Disorder

Rachael Farrokh's battle with anorexia has left her weighing only 40 pounds, but she has raised $200,000 in donations online for one last try.

Actress Rachael Farrohk used to look beautiful, vibrant and the picture of health.

Now today, she weighs just 40 pounds. For ten years, she has been battling one of worst cases of anorexia you'll ever see.

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Rachael and her husband, Rod, turned to social media in a last ditch effort to save her life.

They made a heartbreaking video, pleading for donations on a GoFundMe page to pay for specialized treatment she desperately needs but can't afford.

In the video she said, “I need your help. There is one hospital across the country that can help and my chances are very slim.”

Americans opened their hearts and donated $200,000 in one month to help save Rachel’s life.

Now, she has made another video to say thanks.

She said, “I actually have a chance to live! What you guys have done is amazing!”

Rachael now has around-the-clock care, building up her strength so she can be treated at the Acute Center For Eating Disorders in Denver.

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We showed video of Rachael’s heartbreaking condition to eating disorder specialist Dr. Ira Sacker, author of Dying To Be Thin.

He said, "This person is extremely close to death. I am amazed at this weight with this BMI [Body Mass Index] that she is not in heart failure or kidney failure." 

Rachael has lost so much weight her wedding ring no longer fits her finger.

Her husband, Rod is a personal trainer, and had to quit his job to help take care of her. He says he hope that one day they can lead a normal life.

“After you're recovered I’d like to renew the vows and do a reenactment of our wedding,” he emotionally said.

Rachael says the donations of thousands of strangers have given her renewed hope and what may be a last shot at life.

“I am so overwhelmed by the kindness I have received. It is amazing,” she said.

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