See How a Skin Rash Led to Jessica Alba's Billion-Dollar Business

Jessica Alba took us inside her booming business to show us how it's all done.

She's Jessica Alba, the business mogul.

The actress is on the cover of the new Forbes magazine, which features "America's Richest Self-Made Women" and she's the co-founder of a company now valued at a staggering $1 billion.

Clare O'Connor, a writer at Forbes, told INSIDE EDITION, "When I asked Jessica if she was surprised at the $1 billion evaluation of Honest, she didn't seem surprised at all. In fact, she said, 'A billion dollars is just the start.'"

Alba gave INSIDE EDITION a tour of her brainchild, The Honest Company, when she started it in 2012. The company sells natural products for babies and young children.

She said, “We do everything from bubble bath to body oil which my daughter loves because it smells really good.”

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She got the idea after breaking out in a rash from detergent she was using to wash her oldest daughter, Honor's baby clothes.

She said, “I thought, ‘I’m so allergic to this detergent, how can this be safe for babies?’"

Her company sells non-toxic products ranging from diapers to sanitizers and soap.

“It's also really cute packaging, which is also something I like,” she said.

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Sales are smashing and Alba's personal stake in the company is now valued at a jaw-dropping $200 million and growing!

But she hasn't given up her day job of acting and modeling. Here she is in a super-sexy swim suit on the new issue of Shape magazine.

 Beauty and brains - what a combination! 

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