Cringeworthy McDonald's Drive-Thru Proposal Takes A Shocking Turn

It was a proposal gone wrong for one guy who planned a big surprise at a McDonald's drive-thru.

Michael and Ann have been dating for two years and after their first date they ended up at a McDonald’s.

So, Michael decided to return to that exact same McDonald’s to propose to his girlfriend. They went to the drive-thru and placed their order.

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When the ordered arrived, Michael asked Ann to make sure everything was correct. She went through the bag of food and pulled out a sandwich which had her engagement ring inside and Michael, who was in the driver’s seat, asked “Will you marry me?”

Not only was Ann shocked, we don't think Michael really expected her to react the way she did. The ordeal was posted on YouTube. 

She said, “You are not serious! This is not what you do!”

When he took the ring and placed it on her finger she started hysterically crying and said, “You can’t do this.” Ann then rejected his proposal.

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Michael tells INSIDE EDITION that he asked permission ahead of time and the keyword was the Diet Coke. He even practiced with them the night before. He knew that going to the McDonald’s would really throw her off and surprise her.

Believe it or not Michael says that they're still together but not getting married just yet. While some people think this could be a viral hoax, Michael tells us that it was all real.

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