Bride Upstaged by Proposal at Her Wedding: 'It Was a Big Misunderstanding'

A bride insists she wasn't upstaged her at her own wedding when the best man proposed to her sister.

It was the wedding Shelby Mirgich dreamed of, and her big day went off just as she had hoped.

And then it happened: a guy upstages Shelby at her very own wedding by dropping to bended knee and proposing to the maid of honor.  

At least, that's what the world thought when a photo went viral.

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“It was one big misunderstanding,” she said.

Now the bride is telling INSIDE EDITION what was really going on. It turns out the maid of honor being proposed to is actually her sister, and it really wasn't a wedding day etiquette no-no after all.

“It was actually my idea,” said Shelby.

Months before the wedding, Shelby knew her sister, Megan, had been hoping her boyfriend Kip would propose.

“I always hinted at it. I sent him ring pictures,” said Megan.  

So, Shelby thought there was no better time and place than her own wedding.

“She had her hair and makeup done, all of our family was around. She had a professional photographer to capture the moment. To me, it was a no-brainer,” she said.

Shelby's husband, Tom, was okay with the idea. After all, Kip was his best man.

Everything was set.

The reception was held in Malibu, California, and a great time was had by all. Then it was time for Kip to make his move.

“He gave his best man speech, and then Shelby's like. ‘You’re not done yet, are you?’ And he's like, ‘No, I’m not done,’” said Megan.

At New York City's Gotham Hall, Kip showed us how he got down on one knee, popped the question, and slipped the diamond ring on Megan's finger -- all with the blessing of her big sister.

“She was so shocked it was happening. Her facial expression blew me away," said Shelby.

"I wanted that moment every girl deserves,” said Kip.

But when the photo burned up the Internet, Kip was attacked for stealing the bride's thunder.

"You jerk!” read one online comment. "That's just so rude," read another.

I was furious about some of the comments made,” said Shelby's husband.

Now that they've set the record straight, the two sisters have another wedding to plan.

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“We're going wedding gown shopping!” said the sisters.

Shelby took her sister to Bridal Reflections in New York City to go wedding gown shopping.

Shelby’s wedding happened eight months ago, and Shelby is seen pregnant in our video. And it’s a girl, Mila Rose. That's one more surprise!

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