Watch: Man Inspired By Taylor Swift to Lose 425 Pounds Reveals Excess Skin

A morbidly obese man shows the dramatic change in his body after being inspired by Taylor Swift to lose weight.

Taylor Swift's music has won her millions of fans and tons of awards. But for one guy, Taylor’s music is something really special. In fact, Ronnie Brower says it turned his life around in a huge way.

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He told INSIDE EDITION, “Taylor Swift motivated me.”

Amazingly, Ronnie shed a whopping 425 pounds.

He says he suffered from depression and food became his best friend. A typical meal consisted of a whole pizza, 20 cheeseburgers and fries.

“I started eating because I thought it would cure it,” he admitted.

He hit a morbidly obese 675 pounds. Largely homebound, Ronnie says that listening to Taylor Swift's music helped to lift his spirits, especially her song “Mean.”

He said, “Her song “Mean,” it was about people picking on her and calling her names and she overcome all that.”

Ronnie was 28 when he decided that was it. He hooked up with personal trainers At Mission Fitness in Syracuse, New York.

One of his trainers, Nick Murphy said, “Ronnie was absolutely determined to make this work." 

He lifted weights, hit the stairs, and crunched sit ups, all to the beat of Taylor Swift’s music.

Then, after almost two years of hard work, Ronnie weighed in. Incredibly, he lost 425 pounds. He showed us how he can now fit into one pant leg of his old shorts.

Ronnie bravely showed us the result of his massive weight loss which is 30 pounds of excess skin.

To celebrate he went, where else, a Taylor Swift concert in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Ronnie has this message for the superstar who helped him shake off all those pounds, “Thank you for inspiring me through your music.”

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