This Guy Made His Girlfriend Climb Up 100ft Mast for an Over the Top Proposal

One man wanted to turn one of his girlfriends passions into a clever and over-the-top marriage proposal.

Taylor, a sailing enthusiast, took his girlfriend Becca to The Volvo Ocean Race Sailboat Stopover in Newport, Rhode Island and pulled out all the stops for a surprise proposal.

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Complete with undercover camera operators, photographers, Kung Fu masters, confetti cannon and a Civil War soldier with a musket, Taylor was determined to make this the best day ever for his wife-to-be.

Out of a group of people that were vying to climb up a 100 foot mast to get a signed hat, the emcee was in on Taylor’s idea and picked Becca out of the group.

As Becca climbed up the mast, Taylor quickly changed in the boat as Kung Fu masters performed as a distraction.

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With all of the distractions on board, out came Taylor, dressed in a tux, and announced in front of everyone on the dock that he wanted to marry Becca.

Taylor posted the incident on YouTube and we think this certainly is a creative and over-the-top proposal!

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