Stephen King Tweets About Escaped Prisoners: 'Sometimes Life Imitates Art'

The ex-husband of the woman who may have helped two inmates escape a New York prison is speaking out and he doesn't have a nice thing to say about her.

She's a cheater with an out-of-control sex drive, according to the ex-husband of the woman suspected of having helped two vicious killers escape from prison in Upstate New York.

"She's 51. I thought maybe her sex drive would be gone and she wouldn't do that," Matt Premo, who was married to Joyce Mitchell, was quoted as saying by the New York Daily News.

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Premo also spoke to NBC, saying he's not surprised that his ex-allegedly fell hard for convicted killer Richard Matt.

He said, "She could be a small town girl who was sweet talked by a city guy."

Premo says his marriage came to an end when he found out about that his ex, who is also known as Tillie, was having an affair with Lyle Mitchell, her current husband.

Premo said, "She screwed up everything. We had a son. We had a nice house and everything. I left her and moved on."

Meanwhile, the search for the two escapees shifted back to Dannemora - just three miles from the prison. Cops are going house to house today and residents are being told to stay indoors. Another search is focused in the state of Vermont.

However, could the escaped inmates be in Philadelphia? Police searched the train station after a cab driver there said he picked up two men who looked like Richard Matt and David Sweat.

The pair pulled off their amazing escape by first cutting a hole in a jail cell. Then they spent at least a month exploring the maze of catwalks and pipes behind their cell wall.

In The Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbins hid his tunnel entrance with a Raquel Welch movie poster. The two killers used a piece of cardboard painted the same color as the walls to hide their plot.

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Now, Stephen King, who wrote Shawshank, is tweeting about the drama: "Sometimes life imitates art, that's all."


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