Hear the 911 Call Made By Social Workers Investigating Duggars

911 calls from the Arkansas Department of Human Services, which made the call after they say they were refused entry to the Duggar home, have surfaced.

In their big TV interview last week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar said they had no more secrets to hide.

“We have nothing to hide. We got a clean bill of health from the state,” said Jim Bob told Fox News.

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But we're now hearing a 911 call made by social workers investigating the 19 Kids and Counting reality show family.

“Springdale 911. What's the address emergency?” asked the 911 operator.

The caller said, “Address is, I’m sorry, Duggar's family home.”

Arkansas Department of Human Services workers called 911 after they were refused entry to the Duggar home on May 27 -- just eight days after the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal surfaced.

“Tell me exactly what happened,” said the 911 operator.

“Well, we're out here to -- we have an investigation and I guess they're not being cooperative and we have to see the child to make sure the child is alright, so just need police assistance or escort,” the caller said.

In Touch magazine, which broke the Duggar scandal, obtained the 911 call. It's unclear what triggered the social worker's door knock.

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Citing privacy, the State Department of Human Services said in a statement it "can neither confirm nor deny whether we have investigated a specific family."

Meanwhile, Josh's sisters, Jill and Jessa -- who revealed he molested them when they were children but say they forgive him -- are now returning to social media after three weeks of silence.

Jessa, 22, who is pregnant with her first child, posted an ultrasound photo of her unborn baby on Instagram with the caption: "Your daddy and I love you soooo much!"

And 24-year-old Jill posted a photo of her baby boy Israel, who just turned two months.

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