Police Could Be Closing in on Prison Escapees

As police could be closing in on the two escape prisoners, there is a new twist about the female prison guard who may have aided their plan.

Are police finally closing in on those two escaped killers in upstate New York?

Hundreds of cops are tightening a perimeter around 30 acres of dense woods and swamps just a few miles from the Clinton Correctional Facility.

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With helicopters buzzing overhead, search dogs have picked up a scent after finding what might have been the escapees' campsite. Still, cops admit the convicts could be anywhere.

Meanwhile, reports of the relationship between the female prison employee and the two killers have taken a bizarre turn.

We already told you that 51-year-old Joyce Mitchell was said to have fallen hard for charming killer, Richard Matt. Sources tell NBC News that Matt "made her feel special" and she "thought it was love.”

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Now, there is a new twist, in just the past year Mitchell was reportedly investigated by prison officials for having a possible relationship with the other escapee – 34-year-old David Sweat. But no evidence was found to take action against her.

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