Family Fulfills Their Paralyzed Grandpa's Bucket List Dream: Hiking the Grand Canyon

A paralyzed grandfather had one bucket list wish to climb the Grand Canyon. His family made it possible by carrying him seven miles down into the canyon.

A family helped their paralyzed grandfather fulfill one of his bucket list dreams - hiking the Grand Canyon.

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Bob Headings was paralyzed from the waist down after falling off a ladder 10 years ago. Before that, he was an active outdoors man.

So, his three sons and eight grandsons decided to give him the gift of a lifetime - The hiking trip he always wanted.

One of his son's told INSIDE EDITION, "Dad's determination inspires us. We see how he has dealt with his injury and it really inspired us to just bless him with the chance to see the Grand Canyon again." 

They trained for weeks running up and down the bleechers at a local high school. They bought a special chair called 'A Trail Rider,’ when they carried Bob seven-and-a-half miles down into Grand Canyon.

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Filmmaker John Honaker documented the trip. He said, “It was rough! Even though I wasn't carrying a whole person in a wheelchair, I was carrying camera gear and I still barely made it." 

The journey was treacherous with the narrow, steep trail is made of loose dirt and littered with obstacles. When they reached the bottom they were exhausted.

But the hardest part was yet to come which was the hike back out. A grueling 10 mile ascent no matter how in shape you are. 

Everyone pitched in to help, including Bob’s grandsons, some as young as nine, pulled their grandpa using ropes tied to their shoulders.

The climb took 12 hours but it was nothing for this inspiring family who gave a loving gesture for a grandpa who has given them so much.

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