Family Sings and Dances in Creative Broadway Style Baby Announcement

One family had a creative way of sharing the news that they are expecting a new addition.

The Brown-Thomas family is expecting their fourth child and had a creative way of sharing the news with their friends and family.

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They made a music video to announce the big update that their family will be growing.

Parents Chris and Erika love to perform, and it's something that brings them together. Erika told INSIDE EDITION that she was inspired to create the music video and song from the episode of I Love Lucy where they perform their baby announcement at Ricky’s club.

She said, "In a way, our idea for the video sprung from just loving the joy in that iconic Lucy episode. Since we are planning on this being our last pregnancy, we just decided to do something big for our friends and family that would help us share the excitement we feel about this new little one!  Plus, our kids had so much fun singing and making the video but keeping it a secret until we shared it!"

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Chris says that music has always been a key part of their lives. Erika is a voice teacher and performs, while Chris is a high school theatre teacher. With their backgrounds, they created the perfect recipe for an unforgettable announcement.

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