This Fit Couple Spends $50,000 A Year to Look This Good

One Vegas couple says they spends $50,000 to keep up their fit and perfect look.

Is this America’s fittest couple?

Buck and Michelle Miller from Las Vegas hit the gym nearly every day doing bicep curls and squats to maintain their chiseled physique.

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They also take dozens of supplements which Michelle says, “Supplements are very important to looking good. They are very important. They help keep your immune system up." 

Thirty-three-year-old Michelle and 27-year-old Buck eat six to eight small meals a day and they prepare them all in advance.

There are also weekly trips to the tanning salon and regular spa treatments which include pedicures and haircuts.

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So, how much does this husband and wife team spends to be America’s fittest couple?

Buck said, “We spend approximatley $50,000 a year to maintain our look.”

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