Donald Trump Makes Unique Entrance, Waves $8.7B Financial Statement, Calls US '3rd World Country' in President

Donald Trump officially enters the presidential race with a unique 45-minute speech.

This time it's for real: Donald Trump is running for president.

"I am officially running for president of the United States. And we are going to make our country great again," he said at a press conference.

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It was a raucous announcement at Trump Tower in New York City as he made a grand entrance by coming down an escalator with his wife, Melania. Then he went onstage, where he got a kiss from his daughter, Ivanka.

INSIDE EDITION'S Les Trent was there, he said, "Hundreds of people have been waiting here for hours for this announcement."

It didn't take long before he went completely off-script and spoke for 45 minutes, Trump-style.

"The American dream is dead," he said. "The Mouth That Roared," said the New York Daily News headline.

"I think it might be the first time that a presidential announcement included the word 'crap'," said a CNN reporter.  

Trump becomes the 12th declared candidate for the Republican presidential nomination - with more to come. 

"Can he be a factor, with his money, with his fame, with his abiity to attract media attention, his ability to advertise, his ability to be controversial? He could be a factor," political analyst John Heilemann told INSIDE EDITION.

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Good Day New York anchor Rosanna Scotto told INSIDE EDITION, "I think that he was pulling no punches and said it like it is, without a teleprompter."

Trump waved a copy of his financial statement -- saying his net worth is $8.7 billion. "I'm really rich," he said.

At the end of his announcement, he brought his family onstage -- as he prepares to shake up the 2016 presidential campaign as only Donald Trump can.

Watch Below: Donald Trump Announces That He's Running for President