Teen Apologizes for Arriving to Prom as 'Sleeping Beauty' in an Ambulance

One teen wanted to have an over the top entrance to her prom, now she is saying she is sorry for it.

Ashvonn Russell, a creative high school senior in the Bahamas, really wanted to win the contest for best prom entrance. So, her and her date decided to take a modern day approach on Sleeping Beauty, and arrived in an ambulance to be awakened by her date, Johnny.

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Ashvonn told INSIDE EDITION that she thought the ambulance would fit the fairytale theme and when she arrived, the crowd went wild.

She said, “I thought an ambulance would fit this theme best because, as we all know, sleeping beauty was not dead (so no coffin or hearse), she was only unconscious. When I arrived at prom in the ambulance, the crowd went wild and everyone cheered me on.”

But some people were offended that she used a real ambulance when it could have been available for people who may have needed it. Ashvonn said that she apologized to those who were upset, but she wouldn't apologize for her creativity.

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She said, "I did apologize to the persons that my prom entrance offended because it was not my intention. However, I can never apologize for my creative mind.”

The teen has always had a love for fairytales, which has been a key inspiration behind some of her award winning artwork. She never imagined that her arrival would earn so much publicity when her aim was just to have a memorable prom night.

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