Did Donald Trump Hire Actors to Attend His Campaign Rally?

Donald Trump is denying claims that paid actors to attend his presidential campaign announcement earlier this week.

President Clinton appeared on The Daily Show last night and what was the first topic to come up? Donald Trump, of course!

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Host Jon Stewart joked, “I known as a Hillary supporter, does Donald Trump's entry into the race complicate that? Or change the way you are viewing your vote?"

Clinton replied, “He has been, believe it or not, uncommonly nice to Hillary and he thought Hillary was a good Senator for New York after 9/11. He is actually one of the many Republicans who supported our foundation before they got the memo." 

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is denying claims by The Hollywood Reporter that actors were hired for $50 each to cheer him on at that raucous announcement rally at Trump Towers the on Tuesday day.

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Angelo Carusone is an anti-Trump blogger who broke the story.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "They think money can solve any problem. They think that you can buy the appearance of political support and that is a really big problem." 

He says he noticed one guy at the rally wearing a “Trump: Make America Great Again” shirt and holding up a pro-Trump sign. Carusone says it turns out, he's an actor from Astoria, Queens, named Domenico Del Giacco. He took a photo with a woman at the event named Courtney Klotz . She says she was an extra in a recent episode of Orange is the New Black. 

Coming to Trump's defense is Fox News' Megan Kelly, who said, "Is it so bad what they did? Is it so bad that Hillary Clinton had staged events in Iowa? It seems like the whole process is show biz. We take Carly Fiorina seriously. We took Herman Cain seriously. Why not a man like Donald Trump who has almost $9 billion in success?"

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