Watch This French Bulldog Desperately Try To Play With An Uninterested Cat

A young French Bulldog does everything in his power to try and play with a cat who is uninterested in joining him.

All an eight-month-old French Bulldog named Pixel wanted to do was just play with his owner’s other pet – a cat named Czika at their home in Warsaw Poland. Czika was just not having it even when he tried to grab a toy and entice her.

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In a video posted by the pet's owners it shows how Pixel is one determined pup.

Czika and Pixel's owner Piotr told INSIDE EDITION that he always tries to play with Czika but Pixel just doesn't understand that she's not interested. Their relationship has been that way for the past seven months.

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Even though the ordeal may be frustrating for Pixel, it is very cute to see how he tries over and over to get Czika to play with him. 

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