Is Pamela Anderson's 'Countess' Title a Fake?

Pamela Anderson apparently received a royal honor by a reported European prince in an Italian ceremony.

Arise Countess Pamela! Baywatch babe Pam Anderson is now European royalty!

She was just knighted by a prince in a very official-looking ceremony!

Her 'official' title is 'Countessa de Gigli!' But is this totally legit? Pamela sounds convinced.

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She even spoke about her new honor on Ellen.

"You've been knighted somehow, how did you get knighted?" asked Ellen.

Anderson replied, "Somehow. The first playmate ever to be knighted."

So, who's the guy who knighted her? We did a little checking. He calls himself His Imperial Royal Highness, Stephan Tchernetich Prince of Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, and Vojvodina and the Emperor of Constantinople, Romania, and Greece - wow! But, it may be a bunch of hooey.

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Royal Heydel-Mankoo is a royal historian from London who told INSIDE EDITION, "I have as much right to make her Grand Poobah as he does to make her a princess or a grand duchess. He is not recognized by any state's authorities around the world. He has no authority whatsoever to create titles."

He says Prince Stephan is actually a former caterer and party planner who likely invented his royal pedigree.

Sorry, Pam. Your countess title may be bogus, but you'll always be Hollywood royalty to us.

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