Watch 'Star Wars' Actor Jake Lloyd In Wild, High-Speed Chase with Cops

INSIDE EDITION brings you video of the "Star Wars" actor Jake Lloyd leading police on a dangerous car chase.

There was a dangerous high-speed chase at 100 miles an hour. Police say the young man they chased for 25 miles in South Carolina was Star Wars actor Jake Lloyd.

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In a video, Lloyd could be seen losing control and veering off the highway. Then, he got right back on 1-95 and gunned it!

A motorist called 911, saying, "A gray car come up in the turning lane and ran the red light probably doing 90-miles-per-hour and about took the whole side of my car off with my babies in the back seat."

Lloyd also slammed into a grove of trees before he was caught.

Lloyd's mugshot showed him with a gash on his cheek. He looked nothing like the 10-year-old kid from The Phantom Menace, when he played Anakin Skywalker, who would become Darth Vader.

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Lloyd was charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest.

Watch Below: 'Star Wars' Actor Behind Bars After Allegedly Leading Cops on Wild Car Chase