Watch This Man Painfully Strut Around in Stilettos for an Entire Day: 'Worst Day of My Life'

A man tries to wear high heels for an entire day before coming home and throwing the shoes off his balcony.

Wearing high heels is no easy task. Just ask any woman who chooses to put them on.

But one guy who thought he was up to the challenge decided to try them out for himself.

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Brandon Cohen, a correspondent for, walked around Los Angeles with heels on.

He said he did it "in an effort to prove that girls are huge complainers, and wearing heels isn’t THAT bad, I decided to buy myself a pair and change the heel game forever."

But he added: "Unfortunately, things didn’t play out quite as I’d expected. In short, it was the worst day of my life.”

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Cohen posted a video of his experience so that women everywhere can take pleasure in seeing a man who had initially ridiculed them finally relating to what they go through.

Cohen was in so much pain that before he went home, he threw the shoes off his balcony and never wanted to see them again.

He told INSIDE EIDTION’s Diane McInerney: “The main goal was just - look, girls this isn't that hard. I’ve never done it before and I can wear them the entire day and dominate it but things didn't play out that way."

So did Cohen learn anything from this experiment? "Women are not wimps. They are far tougher than I am," he said. 

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