Formerly Incarcerated Women Rebuilding Their Lives, One Bead at a Time

A group of formerly incarcerated women are getting their lives back on track by making bracelets for survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

One woman is rebuilding her future - one bead at a time.

In stringing together bracelets, Nicole Freeman is piecing together a new life. With her drug related crimes behind her, the pay for each completed bracelet is building a nest egg for her future.

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She told INSIDE EDITION, “I was incarcerated. It cost me my life, my family, my children, my job."

The Reverend Gloria Watson runs the Most Excellent Way Mission, where Nicole and a handful of other women work.

Reverend Watson said, “They take such pride in what they're making. They understand that this jewelry is helping another woman in another part of the country." 

Profits from these bracelets will benefit these survivors of the Rwandan genocide. All of this is part of Same Sky -- a not for profit founded by Francine LeFrak.

She said, “I met this woman who was all about second chances. So, it was almost like the perfect storm. She was giving the emotional support and I could give them a job.”

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One woman said, “It makes me feel like we have created something beautiful.”

As for Nicole Freeman, she said, “This is a job opportunity that could progress further into a business opportunity.”

Not one woman who has worked through this program has ended up back in jail. It is a stunning success few programs can match -- beautiful things that are changing lives.

LeFrak said, "Why can't be buy something beautiful that also has meaning and connects us all?"

Nicole summed it up saying, “It is made from love.”

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