An Adorable Three-Month-Old Puppy Gets Rescued After Being Trapped in a Pipe

One little pup was trapped in a drain pipe for almost three hours and the dog's owner is thrilled to have him back!

Firefighters and other city officials all came together in Buffalo, New York, to rescue an adorable little three-month-old teacup terrier named Bailey after he fell into an exposed vent pipe six feet down.

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Bailey's owner was so excited to have her pup back she gave big hugs to the heroes and spoke to News 4 Buffalo about the rescue, “I love Buffalo firefighters and Buffalo police, I love all of you all. You all stayed, you never moved, you stayed, just thinking it was all for little Bailey and he's okay, he's just a little dirty."

Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield said, “Some people might think we went over and above, but that’s what our guys do every day. We’re very grateful there was a happy ending. We’re very satisfied.”

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It took almost three hours to get him out but after a little oxygen he was doing great and just needed a bath!

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