Kat Von D Coy About Relationship with Jesse James

Tattoo artist and LA Ink star Kat Von D opened up on a Los Angeles radio show about her friendship with Sandra Bullock's unfaithful ex-husband, Jesse James. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Tattoo queen Kat Von D is talking about her relationship with Sandra Bullock's unfaithful ex-husband, Jesse James.

"I've known Jesse since I was 22 actually. We've always been friends," Von D told Kevin and Bean, co-hosts of KROQ's Kevin & Bean show.

"You are definitely his type Kat," Bean told her.

"Um...I think that I'm his type on a different level than people would assume. Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean we're the perfect match," she said.

Von D, who appears on the TLC reality show LA Ink, was recently spotted with James in Las Vegas.

But when she appeared on the Kevin & Bean Show, she was coy about whether she and James are dating.

"I was on Twitter the other day, I try to respond to kids and fans and this one girl was like, "Are you with Jesse James? I think we're entitled to know since you're putting yourself out there." And I was like, no, actually you're not entitled to know. Just because I'm on TV doesn't mean that I have to report to people."

Meanwhile James is making a return to the spotlight with a public service announcement to raise money for the victims of that horrific accident at an off-road event in the Mojave Desert.

Eight people died when a driver lost control of his car and plowed into the crowd.