Kate Hudson's Estranged Dad Shares Never-Before-Seen Videos of Kate As a Child

Bill Hudson shares home movies of his estranged children, Kate and Oliver, with INSIDE EDITION.

Kate Hudson’s estranged father, musician Bill Hudson, shared treasured memories from her childhood with INSIDE EDTION.

In one intimate home video, Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, held baby Kate who was barely able to stay awake for her brother Oliver’s third birthday party.

Sadly, the idyllic scenes of a happy family life wouldn't last long. Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn divorced, triggering years feuding that continues to this day.

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The feud was reignited on Father's Day when Kate and her brother turned to social media to send their dad public zingers like: “Happy Abandonment Day.”

Bill told INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano, “He did this intentionally on Father's Day! And I was stunned!”

Bill Hudson says his home movies show he did his best to stay a hands-on dad even after he had two more children with actress Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley fame.

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“It wasn't all bad. When Goldie and I first split up it was great. Not the split up, but the kids were fine, the kids were with me most of the time. Everything was great,” he said.

Kate has two kids of her own now and have even never met their granddad.

Recano asked, “Have you met your grandchildren?”

“No, I have not. I’d love to,” he said.

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