When Cats Attack: NY Residents Living in Fear of Feline Terrorizing Their Town

Residents in one town are in hiding as a stray cat terrorizes them in their yards.

It's a town living in terror. Streets are empty. It looks like a ghost town. Little children are being kept indoors. What is everyone so afraid of?


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Joe Soldano said he was in his backyard when the stray cat attacked. He actually kicked the crazed cat away - but it came back for more

“It went flying, it came running right back at me again. I kicked him again, half way across the patio. And I'm screaming, ‘Get out of here!’ Damn thing came again!”

The cat has attacked other residents, too. Victims said its violent behavior may be due to rabies - and they are taking the threat it poses to public safety seriously.

Authorities have even put out a widespread robo-call warning.

“The cat has attacked people. Residents in the area should keep clear of loose cats. If sighted, call police,” said the warning.

A resident of Pearl River, a suburb of New York City, also came under attack. He used a garbage can lid to capture the cat, but it escaped.

Enrique Lopez has spelled out a warning to his two boys about the vicious cat.

“What do you do if you see that cat?” he asked one of his sons.

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“Go inside,” said the little boy.

The Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider thinks it's unlikely the cat terrorizing Pearl River, New York, has rabies. But she said there's still cause for concern. “There could be serious risks having that infection from the cat bite. That can be very serious, very life-threatening,” she said.

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