11-Year-Old Georgia Boy Sells Lemonade to Pay Medical Bills After Being Hit by Car

Child in hospital bed

11-year-old Georgia resident Teddy lost his mother last October, making his current medical bills after being hit by a car that much more stressful for his family.

A Georgia boy is selling lemonade in his neighborhood in hopes of paying off his medical bills, according to local reports. 

Teddy, a young boy from Locust Grove, Georgia, was hit by a car the day after Mother’s Day — less than two years after losing his own mother, according to Theodore Counihan, the boy's father. 

"The bike was really wedged up under the front of the car, so she hit him really good," said Counihan.

"It's been a chain of events for sure, and I'm very happy he's here with us."

Teddy suffered a skull fracture, a broken tibia and fibula in addition to road rash, according to a GoFundMe that Counihan has created in an effort to raise funds for the child’s medical bills.

Teddy’s father shared that the accident had kept him off of his bike and in the house, but the young boy felt he had to figure out a way to help with the debt.

"We needed to make up an idea to raise money for the hospital bills," Teddy said to local outlet Fox 5 Atlanta.

The family says that any contribution helps.

The GoFundMe has currently raised a little under $6,000 of its $20,000 goal.

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