Dad Uses Pacifier to Make Baby Erupt in a Hysterical Fit of Giggles

One baby was laughing uncontrollably when he did was playing with his pacifier before bedtime.

Toby and his adorable infant son Tyler were playing with his pacifier one night before bedtime and the baby just could not stop giggling.

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Tyler's mom, Paige, posted the video on Facebook and in just a few days it has already been seen over five million times. Paige tells INSIDE EDITION that they've never seen him get so excited and giggle that much.

She said: “Tyler got a major case of the giggles and lost it. We've never seen him get so ticked that he threw his head back in laughter. It was hilarious. So, I grabbed my phone and shot a few videos of my sweeties doing what they do everyday …being goofballs.”

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This video is absolutely hysterical and will surely put a smile on your face.

“We thought it was funny. Apparently, so did everyone else,” said Paige.

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