NFL Star Jason Pierre-Paul May Never Play Again After Having Finger Amputated in July 4 Firework Mishap

New York Giants star Jason Pierre-Paul had to have a finger amputated following a July 4 firework incident.

A stunning blow for New York Giants star Jason Pierre-Paul -- his career now in serious jeopardy.

He celebrated the Fourth of July with a U-Haul truck full of fireworks but something went horribly wrong.

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ESPN has now obtained his medical records showing "amputation" of "right index finger." He had a "ray resection" procedure meaning his entire finger was amputated - including his knuckle. His right thumb is also fractured in several places.

Now the big question -- Can the star defensive end still play without an index finger?

Michael Strahan, himself a former Giants star, expressed doubt this morning, saying: “You need your hands. That is your business. Having your finger amputated, I think you can play without your finger. There's never a play at that position that you don't need your hands.”

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andrew Feldman says the player’s injuries will probably heal in about six weeks.

Dr. Feldman told INSIDE EDITION: "You don't need all of your fingers to catch a ball. The silver lining in all of this is that if you do lose a finger, the best finger to lose is your index finger. The reason for that is that you can still grip with the other three fingers compensating." 

Another NFL player, Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s corner back C.J. Wilson lost two fingers in a separate July 4th fireworks mishap.

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More and more people are taking chances with fireworks. YouTube is filled with videos of a dangerous phenomenon like Roman Candle battles. They are cheap thrills that could ruin your future in a flash, just ask Jason Pierre-Paul.

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