Brandy Bursts into Song on Subway as Passengers Ignore Her -- One Even Gives Her Advice

These Subway passengers didn't realize that was actually pop star Brandy singing next to them, and one guy even tried to help her improve.

Dressed down in dark sunglasses and sweats, Grammy winner Brandy was filmed singing her heart out on the subway, but was completely ignored.

The singer and actress is currently starring on Broadway in Chicago as Roxie Hart.

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But the passengers on the subway could have cared less when the pop star burst into song.

She asked the rough crowd: “What you all thought of that? You all thought that was cool? Hello, nobody heard me singing?”

She looked like she was about to cry when nobody responded to her questions.

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Finally, one guy told her she has talent but needs to work on her delivery, and said: “You got to do something different.”

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