Watch 'Angry Grandpa' Sob When Son Gifts Him a House

Michael wanted to do something special for his dad, so, he surprised him with a new home.

Michael has been playing some over the top pranks on his dad, Charles, for his popular YouTube channel 'The Angry Grandpa Show,’ but his latest surprise was extra special.

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He said: ‘We've been taking my dad house hunting with us under the pretenses that he's looking for a house for me and Bridgette. The only problem is he's been looking for his own house. Dad, I got you a house.

Angry Grandpa thought he was checking out houses for his son, Michael, and his girlfriend, Bridgette, but the entire time they had something else planned.

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Michael told his dad: “I got something to confess, we are not searching for a house.”

His dad said, “What the Hell are you doing here?”

“We are searching for a house for you. This is your house,” Michael said as he handing his dad the key to the home.

Charles was so overwhelmed with the surprise he had trouble accepting the generous gift

The two embraced and couldn't stop crying. It is heartwarming to see Michael change his dad’s life with a new house.

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