See Tot Covered Head to Toe in Paint; Parents Now Raising Money for Autism

The parents of the two-year-old who covered herself in paint are now using the circumstance to raise money for a good cause.

Parents always worry when realizing their two-year-old has suddenly gone quiet in the house. Little Anistyn Farmer found an open can of paint and covered herself from head to toe.

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Her mother, Victoria, found her leaving a trail of painted footprints behind and paint all over the walls and fireplace.

“I don’t know how she got it open, she must have pried it. When I went down to check on her, she was completely covered. We still can’t figure out how she got so much on her as she did,” Victoria told INSIDE EDITION.

Victoria and her husband had the paint cans out because they have been painting the home in hopes to sell it. Victoria joked and said: “She wanted to help!”

It didn't take long for a quick bath to get the paint off the toddler. Victoria said: “It only took maybe 10 minutes to clean her. It was relatively quick, compared to the rest.”

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But mom's still scraping tiny white footprints off the floor.

The family is selling greeting cards featuring the photo of her in paint that went viral. A portion of the proceeds will go to art therapy programs for children with autism. Anistyn does not have autism, but her father said relatives of the family do. For more information on how you can help, click here.

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