Surveillance Footage of El Chapo's Prison Escape Surfaces

Surveillance footage of Mexican drug lord El Chapo's prison escape has surfaced while Donald Trump is beefing up his security.

A security camera from inside El Chapo’s cell captured the very moment the notorious drug lord escaped from prison.

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In the footage, he can be seen him pacing back and forth and glancing into the shower area, waiting for the perfect moment. There's an electronic device on a bedside table that is possibly an iPhone or iPad. It may be how he communicated with the guys who broke him out.

He sat on his bunk and removed the ankle monitor that tracks his every move.

Then, he went back to the shower, ducked down, and was gone. He popped open a grate in the shower floor and slipped down a shaft into the escape tunnel.

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In the surveillance video he has a full head of hair and a mustache. So, those photos of him riding in a private plane and enjoying a beer, released after his escape, could very well be real.

The elaborate escape tunnel that El Chapo went through was almost a mile long. There's a generator that ran the lights and ventilation system.

He then used modified motorcycle on rails for a speedy getaway.

Donald Trump has beefed up security after the drug lord threatened to make him "eat his words.”

The tycoon arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Tuesday with extra security and said: “We have officials all over the place, including right outside hanging out in trees."

Trump has surged to the top in a new USA Today poll of Republican voters. He leads the crowded GOP field with 17% while Jeb Bush is in second place with 14%.

Meanwhile, Trump is being blasted by the family of Katie Steilne, the young woman who was shot dead by an illegal immigrant on a San Francisco pier last week.

Katie's brother brad spoke out on Anderson Cooper and said: "If you're going to use somebody's name and sensationalize the death of a beauty young lady, maybe you should call and talk to the family first and see what their views are."

In other Trump news, many are wonder if George Lopez taking over Celebrity Apprentice.

According to a report in Wednesday's New York Post, the comedian is being considered as Donald Trump’s replacement. The newspaper quotes a source saying: "George would be the perfect loud response to Trump."

Trump was asked about it on Fox And Friends and said: "If George Lopez takes it, I hope he does well."

But Lopez is downplaying the possibility, saying "I'm not taking Trump's leftovers."

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