Road Rage Caught on Camera: Driver Punches Biker, Reportedly Admits He Drank '3 or 4 Shots of Whiskey'

An Arizona driver was filmed jumping out of his car and hitting a biker after the biker allegedly cut him off on the road.

An extraordinary confrontation was caught on camera. In it, the sheer fury in the face of a 51-year-old driver as he attacked a biker can be seen.

It happened at a traffic light in Yuma, Arizona, after the biker apparently cut the driver off on the road. The furious driver got out of his car, gave the biker a haymaker, and then shoved his pint-sized girlfriend.

The biker yelled: “Don't you touch her!”

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The whole incident was caught on a GoPro attached the biker's helmet.

When the man threw another punch, the biker wrestled him to the ground and grabbed him by the throat and pleaded with him to calm down. The biker said: “Are you done? Stop! I did nothing to you!”

Did the biker do the right thing?

Security expert Nick Casale spoke to INSIDE EDITION. After reviewing the footage, he said, "I have never seen anyone take such action after being assaulted like that, take such action and try to calm everything down. I applaud him." 

His ankle was broken in the fall but even when he was pinned down the angry driver continued to struggle.

The biker asked: “I went in between you on a road?”

The driver replied: “Yep!”

The biker then asked: “And you're going to punch me and assault me for that?”

“Yep,” said the driver.

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According to police, the driver, Lee Schismenos, admitted drinking "three or four shots of whisky" before the confrontation.

Police say the driver was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and driving while impaired.

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