Blake Shelton Reportedly Upset by Rumors Miranda Lambert Cheated on Him

According to reports, Shelton believed his wife had cheated on him with fellow country music singer Chris Young. Who denies the affair.

There have long been rumors that Blake Shelton was cheating on Miranda Lambert - but was she the wild one in the marriage?

According to reports,  Blake was upset because of rumors his country superstar wife cheated on him with singer Chris Young, her one-time her opening act. Young denies there was ever any affair. 

The couple announced on Monday that they are splitting after four years of marriage. Since their 2011 Texas wedding, rumors have swirled that Blake was cheating on Miranda.

But a source close to Blake insisted to People magazine that the musician had been loyal to his wife.

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"Blake is just that incredibly loyal and dedicated husband," the source said. "I can guarantee you he has been faithful to that woman. He hasn't cheated ever."

According to sources, Blake was the one who wanted to settle down and have kids, but Miranda loved life on the road.

The couple's divorce documents, which were published by InTouch on Tuesday, show that Blake also filed a petition for a protective order - and it was granted.

Blake and Miranda were considered country music's golden couple. They fell in love in 2005. At the time Blake was married to his road manager, Kaynette Gern. We've learned that a friend of Kayneete's actually put the wedding gown up for auction on eBay -- it is listed for $700.

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In 2011, Blake and Miranda said their "I Do's" in Texas. The following year, Miranda told INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander what it takes to make marriage work. She said: “Learn his bad habits right now, cause they get worse as time goes on!”

The split is proving especially difficult for Miranda. According to, "Miranda is sad" over the break-up.

Mary Margaret, Senior Editor at People told INSIDE EDITION, "This is something she didn't expect. She is very upset. She is very outspoken about her belief in marriage."

When we reached Miranda Lambert's rep for a comment about the infidelity reports, we were told “don't believe everything you read.”

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