President Obama Tells Jon Stewart: 'I'm Sure the Republicans Are Enjoying Mr. Trump's Current Dominance'

President Obama made his final appearance on 'The Daily Show' and joked about Donald Trump.

President Obama made his seventh appearance with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Tuesday night - the final time before the host leaves the show next month.

And during his appearance, Obama had some sarcastic words for presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

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As Obama discussed how to engage young people in social and political issues, Stewart asked: “I guess that after seven years, is that the advice you would then bequeath to future President Trump?”

Obama laughed and said: "I'm sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump's current dominance as the front-runner."

"Anything that makes them look less crazy,” joked Stewart.

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This was Obama’s third appearance as sitting president and he touched on current issues like the Iran nuclear deal, how he copes with the media, and reflecting on the last seven years of his presidency.

He said: “The VA works better than when I came into office. Government works better than when I came into office. The economy is better than when I came into office.”

Since it was his final time with Stewart at the helm of The Daily Show, Obama joked: “I can’t believe that you are leaving before me! I am issuing a new Executive Order that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show! It’s being challenged in the courts.”

Obama concluded the 30-minute interview and told Stewart: “You have been a great gift to the country.”

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