Jon Stewart Secretly Met Obama For Coffee at the White House

It is being reported that Jon Stewart secretly met with President Obama in 2011 and 2014.

President Obama has made seven appearances on The Daily Show - three as a sitting president - but those aren't the only times he's met with host Jon Stewart.

The comedian has been to the White House on two separate occasions for meetings with Obama, it has emerged.

Politico first noted that the meetings were recorded in the official White House visitor log. Current and former White House officials confirmed the visits.

The first meeting came in October 2011, when Stewart was asked to go to the Oval Office for coffee with Obama. The second meeting occurred in February 2014.

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The meetings were apparently an effort by Obama and his team to learn about Stewart’s appeal among younger voters. Each meeting reportedly lasted an hour. Exactly when was said between the president and the comedian remains unclear.

Dan Vega, who worked at the White House developing relationships with media figures, told The New York Times: “Jon Stewart was a key influencer for millennials. They relied on him for an honest take on the news, and the president and senior staff know that.”

Last week, Obama made his final appearance on The Daily Show before Stewart hands over his hosting duties to South African comedian Trevor Noah.

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Obama joked with Stewart: “I can’t believe that you are leaving before me! I am issuing a new Executive Order that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show! It’s being challenged in the courts.”

Obama concluded the 30-minute interview and told Stewart: “You have been a great gift to the country.”

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