'Naughty Pilot' Takes Sexy Cockpit Selfies With Playmate, Tells Her, 'Come Sit on My Knee'

Chloe Khan tells INSIDE EDITION about how a pilot allowed her and her friend into the cockpit of a plane and invited her to sit on his knee.

Playboy Playmate Chloe Khan said she was invited into a jetliner cockpit by the pilot and took sexy selfies at 30,000 feet in the air.

“He locked the door and said, 'I am the naughty pilot,'” Khan told INSIDE EDITION.

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Khan said she was traveling with a friend on Kuwait Airways from London to New York.

She shared a cellphone video, where the pilot can be heard singing the Tony Braxton hit, "Unbreak My Heart."

The pilot didn’t stop there. “He did say, ‘Come and sit on my knee.’ I did sit on his knee and we got a couple of selfies,” she said.

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Then the co-pilot showed off the plane's controls. “He said to my friend, ‘Press this button, this will make the plane fly itself.’ She pressed it,” she said.

Khan's adventures in the cockpit happened in 2013, but she's just sharing the video now - and it's going viral.

“You're 30,000 feet in the air. You didn't think this was a bad idea?” asked INSIDE EDITION.

“I thought it was quite crazy and fun,” said Khan.

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