Cop Rescues a Baby Skunk With Its Head Stuck in a Yogurt Container, Its Gratitude Stinks

A police officer was called to the scene to rescue a baby skunk whose little head was stuck in a yogurt container.

Police officers are used to responding to the call of duty - not the call of nature.

But this Michigan cop had to be quick on his feet to avoid getting sprayed by a baby skunk he had been sent to help.

Rochester Officer Merlin Taylor went to help the animal on Sunday after it managed to get its head stuck in a yogurt container.

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Officer Taylor drove up to the animal as it ran around in circles in the residential neighborhood near Detroit.

In video captured from his dash cam, the officer can be seen getting out of the car and carefully approaching the animal.

Officer Taylor put on gloves and tried to help the little skunk get free.

He managed to get the container off the animal’s head and instead of being grateful, the skunk tried to spray the cop. The officer responded by leaping in the air.

Luckily for Officer Taylor, this was a juvenile skunk and unlike adults, they can’t spray in self-defense.

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Even though the young skunk wasn't very friendly, the cop stuck around to make sure it was fine.

The video was shared on the Rochester Police Department's Facebook page.

This isn't the first animal Officer Taylor has helped. He once rescued a few baby ducks that had fallen into a sewer grate.

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